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Further Elaboration On Characters [Vincent]

Vincent Howle: As the notorious patron demon of lust, one could already imagine what sort of person he might be. Extremely handsome, he is normally depicted as having a light tan. Almost always, his light brown hair is slicked back in spikes, though there are times that he may be found with mess hair [coughSexHaircough]. His eyes are brown, though they turn green at certain times. 5’8”, he isn’t the tallest guy, though he doesn’t seen to take notice. His voice

Demonic attributes include horns that bent forward at a 45 degree angle, plus small pointed horns just below the main two, and a whip-like tail. The horns are only shown on rare occasions as Vincent views them as variables that take away from his handsomeness and his tail is often hidden or wrapped around his right leg to stay out of the way. Those close enough to him might comment on his sweet smell, being that he smells of ambrosia and honey.

Being a demon of lust, he often makes suggestions that either lead to his intent, are ignored, or gets him blatently rejected. Sarcasm is highly likely.

His ‘powers’ include demonic conjuration of objects and employment of optional hypnotism with his green eyes. Other than that, not much about him is considered too power-oriented, though some say his whip skills are a force to be reckoned with.

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